Volunteer Ministers team up with Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters (VOAD) Working with other VOAD members, Volunteer Ministers responded to Oklahoma tornadoes, Hurricane Sandy and the Boston Marathon bombing. Volunteer Ministers hold executive positions in various state VOADs. In Washington, D.C., a Scientologist serves on the National VOAD executive board and chairs the D.C. chapter, and as a member of the Spiritual and Emotional Care subcommittee, contributed to guidelines on ministering spiritual and emotional care during disasters.

“This letter serves to confirm that the Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers are members of our volunteer corps. Their dedicated, trained and committed team of volunteers has assisted with facilities, trauma, stress and exhaustion relief to victims of disasters in our areas of responsibility. We have no hesitation in recommending the Volunteer Ministers to the governments, disaster management teams and coordinators of any countries which have been struck by the recent Tsunami to assist and support their relief efforts.” —Disaster Management Center, Johannesburg, South Africa

“My sincere thanks to your team of the London Scientology Volunteer Ministers for the assistance you afforded us in the City of London following the devastating bombings. The time and effort voluntarily given to assist us during the night periods was very gratefully received indeed. On behalf of the Senior Command Team and all my Officers please pass on our gratitude to your London Emergency Support Unit.” —Chief Superintendent, Bishopsgate Police Station, City of London

“These angels just appeared in the middle of chaos without any fanfare and just presented themselves to myself and said, ‘We’re here to help.’”

“We wish to offer our sincere appreciation for the support afforded by the Scientology Volunteer Ministers during the New South Wales bush fire crisis. Because of your support, the Country Fire Service was able to maintain an effective fire fighting force.” —Chief Executive Officer, Country Fire Service, New South Wales, Australia

“The Scientology Volunteer Minister team has truly assisted the recovery of the mental and spiritual well-being of those devastated by the earthquake and tsunami in Banda Aceh. We expect that all concerned will assist this team in performing their tasks and help them to implement their programs in the field.” —Commander of Military District, Banda Aceh, Indonesia

“It gives me a strong feeling of achievement that we have now completed the three week training programme on communication and other skills delivered by the Volunteers of Scientology Goodwill Tour India. I am proud that this training program was done at my humble request.” —Commandant, Central Reserve Police Force, New Delhi, India

In one year

“These angels just appeared in the middle of chaos without any fanfare and just presented themselves to myself and said, ‘We’re here to help.’” —Coordinator, Disaster Response, Christchurch, New Zealand

“We want to thank you for the valuable time you spent with us delivering a seminar on Ethics in Emergencies. This knowledge will allow us to continue with the humanitarian work we have been doing for 98 years in this city and keep us faithful to the fundamental principles of the Red Cross that are the base of our daily activities.” —President, Red Cross, La Serena, Chile

“I wish to register my appreciation and recognition of the services rendered by the Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Uganda in successfully empowering our communities with skills in improved living in the seminars conducted in the 15 districts of Uganda—all toward the aim of enhancing peaceful co-existence.” —Special Presidential Assistant, Republic of Uganda

Just as the bright yellow shirts of Volunteer Ministers are warmly greeted at disaster sites, the bright yellow tents of Volunteer Ministers Cavalcades are a welcome sight in urban and rural areas at any time.

Churches of Scientology around the world sponsor these traveling information centers erected in city centers or remote villages. Open to anyone, they offer workshops and lectures on subjects as diverse as marriage and family issues, overcoming stress and suppression, restoring honesty and integrity, and resolving problems in the workplace. Volunteer Ministers also deliver seminars to police, first responders and local disaster organizations.

Local dignitaries welcome the Cavalcades, cutting ribbons to announce their arrival and acknowledge their value to the community. Volunteer Ministers respond by bringing help to thousands at a time and imparting skills and competence that enable people to better help themselves and others.

“The knowledge you gave is a light on the way to a happier life.”

“To Volunteer Ministers of the TranSiberian Goodwill tour, thank you from the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of my team, for the seminars on effective communication and how to become successful you delivered to us, based on the discoveries of renowned humanitarian and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard. The knowledge you gave is a light on the way to a happier life. This knowledge has helped us realize that Man is predestined to serve others with his abilities, talents and knowledge. We wish you every success in your noble mission.” —Company Executive, Chita, Russia

“Thank you for the good you have done for our people in Zambia. Those who went through your training value your work, particularly because it targets the troubled and marginalized in the world and helps change destructive human behavior. I wish you all the best in your endeavors.” —Director, Zambia Ministry of Education



In December 2012, a cyclone hit Samoa leaving 5,000 people homeless, 11 missing and 5 dead. Most of the island of Upolu, home of the capital, lost all power lines and houses, and trees across the island were flattened. Volunteer Ministers, working with the National Disaster Management Office and with the Samoan Umbrella for Non-Governmental Organizations, assisted thousands in evacuation camps and delivered relief seminars at Samoa College and other schools.

It was not the first time Volunteer Ministers were on the scene to help Samoans in a time of disaster. In 2007, a Volunteer Ministers Goodwill Tour trained Samoa Police and Fire Service personnel on disaster response and other Volunteer Minister functions. The Prime Minister of Samoa acknowledged them for their contribution.

“I want to extend my gratitude to Scientology Volunteer Ministers for including Samoa as part and parcel of the countries you have selected to be covered in your training program for relief responses.” –Prime Minister of Samoa



Volunteer Ministers have actively served during some of the most difficult crises in recent times. After terrorist bombs exploded in the London Underground, 250 Volunteer Ministers formed six Disaster Response Teams to assist the traumatized, direct survivors to safety, and provide relief to exhausted rescue workers.

Some years later, when riots erupted in London after a police shooting, Volunteer Ministers were on the scene to assist with cleanup operations and give spiritual first-aid to help police rapidly recover from exhaustion and stress.

Then, in February 2014, teams of Volunteer Ministers helped with rescue operations after severe flooding, shoring up homes, delivering food and supplies and administering spiritual assistance to relieve shock and trauma.

“I am a serving British police Inspector in London and wanted to bring to your attention the great work of your Volunteer Ministers, their commitment, their kind nature and professionalism. The young adults are an inspiration to our youth.” —Inspector, Metropolitan Police Service