Past efforts to help Man sought to do so by enforcing moral codes or standards of behavior and conduct but, having no knowledge of the reactive mind or means to relieve its irrational dictates, they achieved no lasting improvements.

Auditing is quite different from these past practices, many of which were ineffective and some, like psychiatry, which were actually harmful. In auditing one follows a precisely mapped route which leads to specific improvements and it is only the individual being audited who says whether these have been achieved or not. The preclear determines when he has regained an ability or rid himself of a spiritual barrier to living, not anyone else. The auditor continues to minister to the preclear until the preclear knows of his own volition that he has succeeded. It is not the auditor or anyone else in Scientology who says the preclear has made a gain. The preclear himself knows. Given that the goal of auditing is rehabilitation of one’s own potentials, the gains can really be determined in no other way.

Auditing is made up of common denominators which apply to all life. There are no variables in auditing; the same procedures apply to all cases. Only auditing restores to the individual his native potentials, enabling him to be the person he knows he really is. Only auditing frees a person from the traps of the reactive mind. As people continue auditing they generally become more and more moral, ethical and altruistic as those factors which cause them to behave otherwise fall away and they realize the importance of such behavior to a truly happy and successful existence. This is achieved through a process of self realisation as one advances in Scientology auditing and training.